Pigment ink for textile

The textile for digital textile print can be 100% cotton, cotton/polyester blends or
other fibres. It is possible to print with PixoInk Pigment Ink on a garment printer or
print, roll to roll, with a large format piezo inkjet printer using the latest generation of Epson print heads i.e. PrintTex 180 new belt printer with Epson 5113 heads.

PixoInk Pigment Ink is all water-based and meets the requirement for Oeko-Tex
100. These pigment ink is especially developed for digital textile printing with
inkjet and have therefore excellent running properties. The pigment in the ink has been chosen carefully and has a very high light fastness. It has a great colour space, thanks to brilliant colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and BlacK.
The CMYK colours can be printed alone and have a good colour space. If an
even grater colour space is required PixoInk Pigment Ink Series has 4 additional
colours: Light C, light M, Orange and Blue.

Pigment inks for Seiko, Spectra, Ricoh and Konica mid viscosity around 10cps.
Pigment inks for Epson and Kyocera viscosity1-3 cps

PixoInk Pigment Ink Series need only 2 processes – printing and fixation.
The textile for digital textile printing with PixoInk Pigment Ink Series is the same
as for usual screen printing.
The fixation requires:
Hot press or cylinders: 160 Celsius, 60 sec.
Dry heat: 160 Celsius, 4 minutes.

Whatever it is a large format inkjet printer or a garment printer,
the running properties, the colour space, the density of the colours and the
fastness ar all important aspects.

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